Porto Novo

Santo Antão

Porto Novo

Located on the island of Santo Antão, Port Novo is an infrastructure that plays a role of stimulator and business promoter, by ensuring an uninterrupted and fast interface between land and sea transport for cabotage traffic, from origin to destination, essentially to the island of São Vicente. .

This port was recently refurbished with the works carried out in 2013, which allowed the expansion of its berthing area, as well as its embankment, and the construction of a building for the marine station with 2000m2 of covered area. The station is equipped with escalators, allowing passengers to enjoy the best conditions, both on arrival on the island, and at the time of departure.

Physical characteristics of the Port

Opened in 1962, and expanded in 2013, the port has three wharves with, respectively, 45, 115 and 135 meters. For the storage of goods, the port has a covered warehouse with an area of 450 m2

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