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The Administration of ENAPOR intends that the ports of Cape Verde be strategically oriented to an integrated management of the entire logistics and maritime business chain, taking into account the simplification of processes in its different aspects: transportation, production, storage, distribution and other services of value added.

One of the Company's essential objectives is to move from a traditional port system (transport and distribution chain) to a modern port system (logistics and transport chain), aiming to make ENAPOR a strong, dynamic and financially sustainable company.

Aware of its role as a provider of port services, as a general concessionaire of maritime and port infrastructure, and as a promoter of the integration of the "blue economy" business chain in Cape Verde, ENAPOR has been implementing a series of measures for the continuous improvement of its services and its relationship with customers. It is in this sense that we offer this new communication tool, aiming to ease the contact between all the ports of the country and, mainly, the access to the information of commercial transactions made with ENAPOR in a fast, secure and organized way.

To our clients and business partners, we are grateful for the efforts made during all these years, hoping to continue to deserve your trust in the permanent development of the national port system and, consequently, of the Cape Verdean economy.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Ireneu Camacho

Created on 1st September 1982, ENAPOR is a public limited company with public capital, directly and exclusively owned by the State of Cape Verde.

The company, as a general concessionaire of the ports, has as its purpose the administration, management and economic exploitation of the ports of Cape Verde, terminals and zones of port jurisdiction, taking care of their conservation, planning and development, covering the exercise of the powers and prerogatives of authority port that are or will be committed to it.

The Company's portfolio consists of pilotage, towing, berthing / unberthing, mooring / casting off, equipment, freight traffic, warehousing, water and power supply and bunkering .

The Company is present on the 9 inhabited islands of the country, connecting them to each other and to the world, through infrastructures that guarantee the provision of services with the desired quality and safety.

With more than 35 years in the market, ENAPOR is one of the references of the Cape Verdean business sector, based on its success in qualified and motivated professionals, driven by the team spirit and customer focus.

 Organization focused on ensuring excellent service to all customers.

The corporate governance model in force at ENAPOR comprises an organizational structure constituted by the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and a Single Auditor, with powers conferred by the Company Policies, the Statute of the Public Manager and laws applicable to the public business sector.



Ensure quality and efficient services to the customers of the Ports of Cape Verde, rendered by qualified and motivated professionals, with the support of adequate equipment and infrastructure, by offering security and respecting the  environment and the minimal established technical requirements, in order to potentiate the unification of the internal market and its competitive integration in the world economy, so contributing for the sustainable development of the country.

Make the national ports become the privileged link for the unification of the internal market, the "anchor" of the national maritime economy and a centre of international maritime-port services of reference in the Mid-Atlantic, actively contributing to Cape Verde's competitive insertion into the global economy.




Environment : consider the integration and the operational environmental sustainability as a value of corporative dignity. 

Customer :have the customer as our first value of very reason.

Innovation : always look for innovation with a view to greater competitiveness.

Social Responsibility in addition to the development of our economic activities, which should be carried out in a socially balanced manner and for the benefit of citizens in general, seek to pay particular attention to the public good and to the wellbeing and safety of our employees and workers, contributing to the development by promoting community intervention, through the promotion of environmental and civic awareness.

Rigor : increase the individual level of improvement in all performances and exercises of port activities..

Security : consider security as an imperative for the maritime and port sector.

Transparency :  make use of transparency in the actions with our stakeholders .

Basis of the Infrastructure Support Grant for Recreational Boating Activity

Cape Verde Port Concession Bases

BO_12-07-2004_20 (Regulates maritime domain property of the state)

BO_ ENAPOR Authorization to Subconcess Major Ports

BO_Draft of the General Port Concession Agreement between the State and ENAPOR

BO_Regulates the Acts and Procedures of Entry and Exit Ships from National Ports

BO_Pilotage Services Regulations

Tariff Book

ENAPOR Articles of Association - BO_02-03-2018