Port of Palmeira


Port of Palmeira

Located on the island of Sal, the Port of Palmeira is the third Cape Verdean port in terms of freight traffic, including, in addition to the commercial activity of transporting goods and passengers, fishing activities and maritime tourism industries, related to recreational boating. As a recipient of international fuel traffic, it contributes to Cape Verde's integration into the world economic system.

The Port of Palmeira, like Porto Grande, is one of the Cape Verdean ports certified with the ISPS Code - International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

Physical characteristics of the Port

Opened in 1986, the port underwent expansion and remodelling works in two phases, the first in 2010 and the second in 2015. 

The works of the first phase allowed the expansion of the existing 30-meter long dock, the construction of a new 90-meter long pier with 90 meters in length, a roll-on/roll-off ramp in concrete, a container park with 2 hectares and a Ro-Ro yard with 6900m2 and a building with a container scanner.

As obras da 2.ª fase contemplaram a construção de um novo cais com 150 metros de comprimento, atualmente  com autorização para atracação de navios de até 130 metros 35 metros de largura e 12 metros de profundidade.

The port also has a 34-meter long and 1-meter deep pier, destined to small-scale fishing boats. For the storage of goods, it has a covered area of 450m2. The port has a nominal capacity to handle 70,000 tonnes of cargo per year.