Porto Inglês


Porto Inglês

On the island of Maio, which has about 6000 inhabitants and 270Km2 of surface, the Porto Inglês currently welcomes only traffic among several points of the country, mainly with the port of Praia. However, due to its tourism potential, it is expected that the expansion and redevelopment of the existing port will begin by the end of 2018. Like all national ports, the Porto Inglês plays a relevant role in reducing the constraints linked to the geographical discontinuity of the country.

Direction of Porto Inglês

Vila do Porto Inglês 
Ilha do Maio - República de Cabo Verde

Tel. + 238 255 14 80 / + 238 255 13 50  
Fax: + 238 255 13 50
E-mail: info@enapor.cv


Francisco Machado